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Dress designer Hany ito Profile


Hany Ito

Dress Designer  

I have wanted to be a dress designer from a young age, influenced by Motoichi Ito, who was both a designer and a father.

At the age of 13, I published original dress designs for the mode collection every day.

At the age of 22, I started up the wedding dress brand “HANY WEDDING” in my hometown of Sapporo, Hokkaido. 

I have continued to create new wedding dresses, with a global view, based on the concept of “Creating the world’s most elegant and cutest brides”.

The designs that are bursting with an originality based on their distinctive feel have often discussed on TV and in magazines.

The “HANY brand” gaining the support of women of all generations.

I am a young designer gaining widespread attention by extending the scope of my activities to apparel and jewelry design, and collaborating with a large-scale manufacturers.

Hany Ito



・We start company of HANY WEDDING in Sapporo city at 22 years old

・THE HANY" opened in Kita Aoyama, Tokyo
・We designed a wedding dress for comedian, Hanako Yamada.

・We designed a wedding dress that was worn within the wedding reception for the comedian Talent

Fujimoto Toshishi (FUJIWARA) and the Talent Yuuki Kinoshita
・Feature articles were published in the fashion magazine "JJ"
・We designed wedding dresses for talent Aki Aki Hoshino and Jockey Miura
・It was featured on daily TV broadcast "JYOUNETSU TAIRIKU"

・Appeared on TBS TV program "Asian Ace"
・We published our first mook book "HAPPY HANY WDDING of HANY ITO"

・We designed a wedding dress for Major Leaguer Masahiro Tanaka and talented Sato Mai
・HANY ITO  Nii × Hello Kitty Wedding Doll Released from Sanrio
・We designed a wedding dress for the professional boxer Mr. Kosuke Kameda and Mr. Mika.
・We designed wedding dresses for professional baseball players Akira Inaba and Rena
・Asian Ace × Samantha Thavasa HANY ITO Design Collaboration Bag Released
・HANY × Virtue Collaboration Design Sun Catcher Released
・HANY ITO × MALULANI HAWAII Power Stone Breath Released
・HANY ITO × mimo collaboration bag has been released
・We appeared TV Asahi "BeauTV VOCE" "wedding beauty"
・We appeared in FUJI TV "ONE hour SENSE" # 85
・We released "HAPPY HANY Paper Items Collection" from Myprint Inc.

・Featured on NHK E Telecast "Grangeute-Day"
・『Les Contes de HANY〜HANY'S STORY』Independently published

・It was featured on NHK E-Tele "The documentary in the brain-thinker"
・"Ban deodorant powder spray" HAPPY Selection "has been released from LION Co., Ltd.
『HANY ITO Sweet Wedding Style』BOOK Released
・Appeared on TV Asahi “Design code” # 12

・We appeared in program "nainai answer" of Japanese broadcast

・We released THE HANY original Japanese-style collection
・We released flash type beauty salon "Twanje" Ito Ha collaboration collaboration design for home
・Hankyu Department Store × THE HANY × L'EST ROSE ROAD TO HAPPINESS was released
・Cosme de Corte "Ractur" × "HAPPY HANY Pact" / "Special Collaboration Milky" released

・"Lactur" Special Edition  byHany Ito Released
・And  Couture × THE HANY 1Released
・THE HANY × Disney University Released
・THE HANY Aoyama Store Renewed OPEN

・We designed a wedding reception costume for Mr. Ami Kikuchi
・HANY WEDDING has integrated the brand into "THE HANY Sapporo Store". There are 5 directly managed stores.
・And  Couture × THE HANY  2 Released
・And  Couture × THE HANY 3 Released
・We appeared on the net advertisement about yogurt of Glico Bifix
・We appeared in TV TOKYO "Sajimarou no wao!"
・We supervised Ehonkan of the forest "Dresses of Ohime-sama's magic"
・THE HANY × Disney University


Hany Ito

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